Just added a $50 Bill & 10 Oz. Silver Bullion Bar - The bid is only at $33!!!?


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I understood it just fine. I think it's a great idea! Very unique. I'm still waiting for you to introduce us to Mr. Franklin though! :D
wow, had a look, the graphics are fantastic !!

however the average mr-dufus-who-bids-on-mystery-auctions still wont make it to the end of the auction , this is born out by the low bids, lol , i dont include myself in the dufus catagory, but as i couldnt make it out. mabie i am !!

i'm watching it anyway and i hope it goes mental in the last couple of days


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was checking out the Q & A's....woweeee thats a lotta spamming you got there! Your auction is very cool...don't let others leech off your imagination and talent!


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HAHAHA, you guys are funny...Benjy is coming, it's a MYSTERY when! (Keeps the anticipation with everyone!)

Money Talks, This Auction WALKS.
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