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Just a funny stat... (Healy Hate)


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Carey Price has played 6 seasons and this current is his 7th.
Glenn Healy has played 15 seasons.

Glenn Healy had more assists than he did shutouts. In 7 years, Carey Price is only 11 wins behind Healy's career total. Price already has 7 more shutouts than Healy. I am not even going to get in to the GAA and SV% - It's horrid!

Yet... Every Saturday we have to listen to Glenn Healy talk as if he were some sort of hockey god out there... Please, Sportsnet. Do the right thing!

P.S. James Reimer is only 2 shutouts behind Healy with only 4 years played.


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I'll always remember Healy's quote about playing in the IHL with the Chicago Wolves. He said that they once spent 7 hours driving around the runway until they finally got to the arena, and that's when he realized he was riding on a bus instead of a plane.


The return shall be legenday!
I've tuned Glen Healy out a long time ago. He's trying to be controversial with some his comments, so he can bring attention to himself but he makes himself look like an idiot. But let's face it, most commentators are mediocre ex-players and will always criticize much better players than themselves.


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Healy was Richter's backup in New York and then Joseph's backup in Toronto. I think he started for the Islanders for a little bit, but he was borderline starter at best.
I know. That's the thing. He's speaking about guys, ripping goalies, like he's the best goalie that ever played. He's trying to tell us how they should play... Guys like Jamie Mclennan and Kevin Weekes just talk about the role and what goalies need to focus on.

...and well, lately it seems like Healy is just hunting for some shock value to get people talking. This weeks HNIC was a mess because they were taking little pot shots off over the whole Sportsnet deal. From MacLean doing the whole Jew and Arab sthick... what the fuck was that?

Kevin Weekes, Aaron Ward, Elliotte Freidman and James Duthie... that would make an interesting HNIC panel/hot stove. Then you will have Andi Petrillo and Kate Beirness for the iDesk updates. That's my HNIC... That's my heaven! Keep Kypreos, Stock and Healy AWAY!!!