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Discuss Jury Duty


aka ginger warlock
I have never been called for jury duty, from what I have heard you don't have a choice in if you do it or don't, if you are called up you have to be given time off work to do it. I am not sure I would be very good at it mainly because I think I would let my emotions get in the way when in fact I think the key to it is not to do that. At the end of the day you don't know the people involved and you should only base your opinion on what is proven in court and what is discussed.

The thing is I am not convinced things in life as black and white as people seem to think they are, I don't wish to get into political theory here, I am having that for another thread but I am interested in the experience of those who have been called up.

Did you find the case interesting? How long did it go on for? I assume you have to sign an NDA but how much emphasis was placed on it? Did you speak to anyone about it or did you simply not tell anyone you were even doing it except maybe your family and boss?


Where is my Queen?
Jury duty to me is a chore and the only good thing about it is that my company still pays me when I am gone. I have never been selected to join the jury group because I usually get accused of being a racist or an extreme this and that, so I guess it wouldn't be fair for the person on trial. I remember there was a case they summoned me to be a part of a jury selection and with out getting into to much detail, it was about a black male that murdered his sister and has admitted to it, and basically it was up to the selected jury if we got picked to determine the punishement. When they asked me how I would approach this situation, I said I would of already hung him, and the judge kicked me out. lol. Also that was my last summon I got for awhile now.


Free Spirit
Staff member
That's funny GB tell them to hang the sob and it will get you out of it every time. I haven't had to serve on a jury but my name has been chosen before in case they needed to make up a jury. I was glad I wasn't called and I thought about how I could get out of it if I were. I was going to say something that would keep them from choosing me because I didn't think I could take sitting there all day.


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I remember the first time I was called up for jury duty. Back then everyone had to meet on a Monday in the jury waiting room by 7:30 AM. At the beginning of the week you listened to a weekly address by one of the judges in the courthouse. Most of the time they told you that it was your civic duty to be a juror. After the lecture, the audience of jurors were instructed on how things worked. We were to stay in the waiting room until your name was called to a jury panel. In a lot of cases you were never called and you spent most of your time playing games, watching whatever was on television or reading. You did get something for your time. Each juror got reimbursed $5 a day for serving as a juror and in most cases your employer will pay your daily wages for somewhere between 10 and 25 days (unlimited if your are a civil servant). Today, in California, you you serve jury duty on an on call basis. Each night you call into the court house to see if you are needed for a panel. After 5 days, if you are not called in, you have completed your service. Since my first time I have served jury duty about 5 times and have been on an actual jury twice. My next date of service is on April 24th (which is the Monday after next).
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I've only ever been called to jury duty once and I was out at college so I was automatically taken off.

Ever since I was a young teen, older people always told me that if I ever did get called in and didn't want to do it to just act racist so you'd automatically get pulled off.


I know a lot of people groan at the thought of jury duty, but it's honestly something I've always really wanted to do. I have a hidden desire to be on the jury, I think it would be fascinating! Especially if it was a really intense case, like a murder trial.


Registered Member
I agree with Cru! Never been called up, but I would love to. To be entirely honest, I'm not even entirely sure how jury service works here in the UK. I think you're automatically registered as a possibility, and if you get called up, you go. I wonder if my being a student makes me ineligible so far?


AKA Ass-Bandit
I think you're automatically registered as a possibility, and if you get called up, you go. I wonder if my being a student makes me ineligible so far?
The only requirements for jury service in the UK are that you're at least 18 and under 70, you're listed on the electoral register, and you've lived in the UK for at least 5 years since 13 years of age. Though you're not eligible if you've had a mental health condition/mental disability, have been in prison or youth custody in the last 10 years, or served a 5 year sentence in either of those.

I haven't been sent a summons yet, and while it sounds interesting, chances are the reality is as dull as watching paint dry.


A Darker Knight
I had to go to jury duty in Massachusetts and it was a pain in the ass. My roommate somehow got his delayed, but I wasn't able to file an appropriate excuse. I was called up twice over a 5-6 hour period in the early morning and promptly excused in each case because I'm a student. I thought it was one and done...

I made it up to the jury seating area once though, so I guess that's cool.

I also got summoned in Texas, and it was much better there. I was only there for about an hour before we were all informed that there would be no need for any more jurors for the day. Not only were we allowed to leave early, but the state sent me a check to compensate for any public transportation I might've had to take.


Sultan of Swat
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I got a letter about three months ago asking me to fill up some questions and information about myself. Then they would decide if whether or not they needed me for Jury Duty. Thus far I haven't been asked(maybe because the organization I work for) but I'm happy that I have been choosen. I think it would be extremely boring, and I'd lose money out of it.