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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Danno, Sep 5, 2010.

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  2. Merc

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    The movie hasn't been officially confirmed as Wikipedia points out. Also, that first site is hilariously outdated and only a fan creation. Personally, I thought 3 sucked but the first two were awesome so I don't know if my hopes are that high for this one.
  3. Danno

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    The 3rd one was awful. I don't believe Spielberg directed the movie? Which I felt was a major factor.
  4. Konshentz

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    The first two were great. And while 3 wasn't on the same level, I still enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind a fourth one, but I read it's supposed to be the first of a new trilogy. Do we really need 3 more? I guess it all depends on how good 4 is.
  5. generalblue

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    Jurassic Park 3 was directed by Joe Johnston which explains why the 3rd one sucked. It looks like Speilberg will be directing the 4th one and hopefully revitalize the franchise.
  6. Mirage

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    According to that article "it breaks away from the first three--it's essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy."

    Could be good. Technically they have an entire book called "The Lost World" that really has never been made into a movie. (The movie was based 1-2% on the book at best). So they could follow that plot.

    I'm not sure how this movie can be good aside from a Lost World BOOK movie. Michael Crichton has been dead for over a year now so they aren't getting any new material. I saw what type of material they came up with on their own for JP3 and it was horrendous. It was by far the worst movie I have ever seen in a movie theater.
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  7. Konshentz

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    You haven't seen anything worse than that in the 9 or years since? Damn. That's pretty good. I've seen a LOT of stuff worse than that. I saw Orphan in theaters. Haha.

    I'm actually interested in how the CGI looks in this, I just hope they don't go crazy and overdo it.
  8. Millz

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    I actually thought the 3rd Jurassic Park movie was better then the 2nd one...I kinda liked the 3rd one because it was so different. The first is obviously the best though.

    I would love it if they did this...I'd be there on opening night.
  9. Merc

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    Funny part is, the 1st one is sooooo different than the book it's amazing. I actually wouldn't mind a reboot to the series that stuck closer to the book to be honest.
  10. Mirage

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    I wouldn't be opposed to this, however the first was an easy 75% of the book at least. The second one essentially followed "King Kong" and used the book for the title and maybe a page or two of plot. That was it.

    If they did a reboot (which they won't btw), I'd love for them to stick with the same music. It's classic for the JP series. The problem with a reboot in my mind is that the first really was such a masterpiece (book deviations and all) that I don't think it would feel right watching a reboot so soon. Granted it's over 15 years old by now, but still.. (On that note, wow time flies!)

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