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Movies Jurassic Park 3D


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Let me preface this by first saying that I had mocked the idea of 3D conversion films prior to seeing one. In fact, I saw trailers for "fake 3D" films that had been 2D to 3D conversions and I would just laugh. How could it look real without having been filmed with dual lenses, right? Well, I went and saw the Titanic 3D conversion last year because I figured if James Cameron was behind it, it would be the best effort possible for a 3D conversion. It wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't Avatar. I walked away kind of disappointed, and figured that 2D conversion to 3D would never be anything worth getting too excited about. Then I saw the trailer for Jurassic Park 3D prior to The Hobbit. It looked so good that I decided right then and there that I'd give it a shot when it came out. Well, being the huge Jurassic Park fan that I am, and having never seen it in the theaters, I figured it was a win win.

It released in 3D last Friday and I made the trip this weekend. In short, I was absolutely blown away. Again, it wasn't Avatar, but whatever it was, it was 2.9D. It was by far the best 3D conversion I've seen to date. If you were like me and are thinking to yourself "I already own Jurassic Park on VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray", trust me when I say it is definitely worth the ticket price.

Seeing the movie come to life in 3D was one of the best cinema experiences I have had in a very long time. When the T-Rex stepped out from the fence and walked between those two Ford Explorers... just wow. I felt like I was literally in the car with Grant and Malcolm, experiencing that scene for the first time, even though I've seen it dozens of times growing up. There were so many other scenes that just took my breath away. I feel like I was distracted for half the movie just trying to figure out how they actually made a 2D movie look so good in 3D.

Just to give you an idea of just how good the 3D conversion was, I noticed a few points in the movie where I subconsciously caught myself moving my head to see behind something on the screen. If you're a fan of this movie, you have to go see it in 3D. I don't know how they did it, but it looked phenomenal. And the best part? They left the movie 100% intact. No digital touch ups, no new scenes, no alternate takes. It's the same masterpiece you saw in 1993, but now it actually feels like you are there.


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I can imagine this in 3D. Must really be good. There are a lot of movies turned 3D which I felt were unnecessary but this one, I think it'll be great.


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I saw it as well. I remember seeing the movie when it was originally released...and then owned it on VHS and now DVD. I thought that it would be novel to see it in the theater, and I had forgot how that movie sounds in a theater. The sound just takes you over, and the 3D was done really well. As Hybrix said, they left it in tact completely. My personal favorite part? When they were being chased by the raptors in the air ducts.


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Dammit Hybrix, now you've convinced me that I should be seeing this in the theater haha

I have a strange and weird Jurassic Park obsession in that I can quote pretty much the entire film so if you say its s0o0o0o0o0 good, I am intrigued. When I heard it was being released in 3D my reaction was eh, who cares about 3D but I dunno now haha