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Question Junk E-mail


Sally Twit
Do you ever read your junk e-mail?

Someone I work with is signed up to so much rubbish. When he is out of the office his e-mails are forwarded to me and this week he has received all sorts. I wonder if he ever actually reads it or if he deletes it as soon as it comes in.

I only receive a few junk e-mails and I delete it as soon as it comes in. I know some people like to get vouchers and things but I don't bother with all of that.


Creeping On You
I get some junk mail from things I sign up to. Gmail is great for just trashing that stuff right away, however sometimes it doesn't. So I just go into gmail and set up filters manually so anything from those addresses goes to the spam folder right away. I never even read the junk mail either lol. I could care less how big penis could be.


rainbow 11!
I hate it, I usually sign up with an email and later unsubscribe when I get annoyed. but yeah, I delete them right away unless the title catches my eye for whatever reason.


I never read it, but I get tons of it. Shit annoys me to no end. I've even changed email addresses because of it.


No Custom Title Exists
I never read it, I put it in my Junk for a reason. Facebook and Twitter are directly sent to my Junk because they fill up my Inbox and it's a pain deleting them.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
It depends how much of it I'm getting...

When I used hotmail I used to get soooo much that I had to move to yahoo. Yahoo I didn't get much of any and my work email doesn't either. So there's not usually much for me to read.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
No I don't but from time to time if I happen to be on my computer (instead of fone) and I look at folders, I check the titles in case there are "misplaced" emails or interesting stuff haha. But 98% of the time I don't open them.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't really get any junk email. Gmail is awesome in that regard. When I get unwanted emails from a business, I just unsubscribe. I keep getting emails from the Container Store and I've never even shopped with them before and have no idea how they got my email to begin with. I need to unsubscribe to those as well, because I have been getting them twice a day, and it annoys me.


Problematic Shitlord
I rarely do. I do get a chuckle out of the phishing scam ones though, such as the whole "Your account is being investigated" ones. I have this one email that keeps showing up convincing me that my World of Warcraft account is being investigated for fraud.

I don't play WoW.

Merc: 1
Spammers: 0


Well-Known Member
I rarely get actual spam like for penis enlargements and such but I do get the stuff they send you when you sign up to a website. It annoys me because they come through as notifs on my phone. Eventually I get annoyed and put them on my block list. I used to have an entire email account dedicated to signing up to websites so I wouldn't get all that shit but I forgot the password and couldn't get into the activation codes. Guess I need to set another one up at some point.