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With a football of course (Soccer)

How many juggles is your highest?

I've done 72 earlier this year, and still can't beat it, I got 24 yesterday and nothing higher than that these days.


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I used to play semi-professionally.

I could easily do well over 100 sometimes 200+ and then get bored or slip up and ruin the spree.

Havn't kicked a football for over a year so I wouldn't like to hazard a guess to what I could achieve now.

Only one way to find out!


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My best is probably in the 10-15 range. I haven't tried in a while though. I'm sure I could beat it with a little practice.

I can easily get over 100 with a golf ball and club, Tiger style. In fact I can do his whole routine where he goes behind the back and between his legs.


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Hahahahaha. That's the figure.

I do well on the juggling game here in the gf arcade. In real life, my son who just turned 6 does way more than I do (and this was two years ago when we competed each other).


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I got my best of 33 back in october, I certainly wasn't terrible, but I wasn't amazing, the best player on the team was 5' 1" and he got over 300, he's insane! :shocked: I've never seen such a small guy destroying bigger guys so easily at sports.

72 isn't bad at all, good job.


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They were promoting something at my workplace not so long ago and they wanted people to do this - the person who did the most would win a prize.
I did 2. The winner did 179! :lol: