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Jose Canseco recently came out and admitted to his use of steroids in baseball. He also made claim to a number of other players who used steroids including Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmero, Juan Gonzalez, and Ivan Rodriguez. Canseco says that he talked to these players regularly about steroids and injected some of them personally. Most (if not all) players that he has named have either denied his claims completely or refused to comment.

So what do you think of Jose? Is he doing the right thing, is he being a rat, is he doing the right thing but possibly going too far or dressing it up, or do you not care one way or the other about his claims?

Time for a poll.


I know that the poll options are long, but read through each carefully before deciding because I wanted to give as much room as possible for people to look deeper into this thing rather than just pick a simple little "yea or nea" answer. I like to stay true to the nature of things, which is to present situations like this in the most multifaceted way that I can, because I view it as a huge injustice to simplify and generalize things into "black and white" categories with nothing but "extreme binaries" for choices.


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I think hes doind it for the money... McQwire used Andro which was a over the counter supplement that body builders use, and I could see him growing from that...

think about it, this is a man who got soo bad at playing baseball he has a ball bounce off of his head for a homerun!! he couldnt hit worh shit either the last few seasons he played, unlike McGwire, who retired after injury playgued seasons


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Also, I forgot to mention that in a recent 60 minutes interview, not only did he mention everything that I said that he said above (see? now you have to consider whether I'm telling the truth too.... Not so simple now is it? :evil: But thankfully I am though.... :) at least I'm going on memory here), but he also said that he condoned the use of steroids in baseball. This of course has nothing to do with the truth or falsity of whether his claims about the other players are accurate, but that is a fact to note. You can make up your own minds as to what it means... if it means anything at all... :tired:

SamusAran86 said:
I think hes doind it for the money... McQwire used Andro which was a over the counter supplement that body builders use, and I could see him growing from that...
Yeah... that's why I kinda think he's exaggerating. Of course, I don't exactly know anything, but I'm sure when it comes to these types of things, there's probably a lot of room for misunderstandings, technicalities, a whole bunch of things that could be true.


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"Voters: 2. You may not vote on this poll"

That's starting to piss me off. Am I banned from voting in polls or something?

Vega, you should really make your poll options shorter.


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I really hate all this steroid talk. The only reason they bring it up, IMO, is because baseball is just too [email protected] boring to watch in the first place.

Now that I've offended all the baseball fans, I will say that I believe steroid use to be wrong in any sport. Jose Canseco, Kobe Bryant or Brett Favre, I don't care what sport you're in, steroids are wrong and shouldn't be used.

What happens to greats like the Babe, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and others? They achieved great successes, and now some genetically engineered little Cuban man comes along and "breaks" their record? Steroid use completely destroys the history of the sport.


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I hate the state of baseball right now. Which is a shame, considering I love baseball.

Steroids and money are killing the game.