Jordan to sell kids make-up


Sally Twit
I don't think many people outside of the UK will know who Katie Price (aka Jordan) is but she decided to put make-up on her two year old daughter and put pictures of her on Facebook.

It gets worse...

Mother of three Jordan, 31, wants to bring out a kit with EDIBLE lipstick, blusher, mascara and nail varnishes for youngsters.
She will call it after her blonde daughter and plans to use Princess to advertise it.
The busty glamour girl has been in talks with the company that makes her perfume about bringing out the range.

This is what she did to her daughter:



AKA Ass-Bandit
No! Bad Jordan! Get back in the dog house!

Christ, it's bad enough that Miley Cyrus's sister is releasing pre-teen risqué clothing...
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Ms. Malone
Holy crap! O.O

That poor kid doesn't even look's like...those doll heads you can put make up on - just 10 times worse o.o

And now that the shock is over i'm laughing xD