Jordan jersey's at Bulls games, O'Neal jerseys at Lakers game, etc



I'll name a team and an ex-player, and everyone who is familiar with these arenas can tell me the likelihood of seeing a jersey of said player in the stands

Bulls and Wizards-Jordan jerseys
Lakers-O'Neal jerseys
Jazz-Stockton and Malone jerseys
Knicks-Ewing jerseys
Mavericks-Nash jerseys
Sonics-Kemp jerseys
Nets/Suns/Wolves-Marbury jerseys
Sixers-Iverson jerseys
Celtics-Bird jerseys
Pistons-Ben Wallace jerseys
Kings-Webber jerseys
Grizzlies-Reeves jerseys (sorry, but I just HAD to say that)
Rockets-Hakeem jerseys

There are more, but I'm too lazy to think of them