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Jordan Brown, guilty or innocent?


Free Spirit
Staff member
This kid was convicted for the murder of his dad's pregnant fiancee at age 11. After reading some of the facts of the case its not clear to me that he is guilty. All the evidence was pretty much circumstantial.

I think Kenzie Houks ex-boyfriend Adam Harvey would make a much better suspect. The Houk family had a restraining order against him because of threats. Plus the night before Kenzies parents had a encounter with him and had to be escorted from the club they were in. Adam and Kenzie had two kids together, two weeks earlier Adam found out the 4 year old wasn't his.

Maybe Jordan did do it, sure I'm not getting all the evidence here and there seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence pointed at him but I think there are enough questions to retry this case.

Jordan Brown, Pennsylvania boy convicted of murder at age 11, may get new trial - CBS News

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