Jonathan Schwarz revisits Kosovo

This Modern World Blog Archive Did the Kosovo Liberation Army Kidnap and Murder Serbs for their Organs?
It hasn’t been much reported yet what del Ponte has said about NATO, but the book has already created a scandal in Europe, for in it she reveals how the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) abducted hundreds of Serbs in 1999, and took them to Kosovo’s fellow Muslims in Albania where they were killed, their kidneys and other body parts then removed and sold for transplant in other countries…
Here’s Hillary Clinton on Kosovo in June, 1999, right when this was purportedly happening:
This has been possible because our nations—our leaders and our citizens—stood up against evil. Now there are some who I know who would quibble with my use of that word, but I think it fully describes the conflict we have been waging these last few months…we will not turn away when human beings are cruelly expelled, or when they are denied basic rights and dignities because of how they look or how they worship. When crimes against humanity rear their ugly heads, we have to send such a message as an international community.
What Schwarz forgets is that the entire justification for going into Kosovo in the first place, as pushed by a large majority in Congress and the President, was that the Serbs were evil, imperialist mass murderers, and the Albanians and the KLA (muslims, generally) huddled, oppressed children who were being shot in the streets by people with evil sounding names.

On the opposing side, the idea was that the Serbs were christians who didn't do much else than go to church, only to have the thatch torched down over their heads by evil muslim terrorists.

While in reality, none of this had anything to do with what actually was done, or why the mission became so urgent when diplomacy broke down after about ten years of negotiations.

So - can either candidate manage to do better this time around? To see the complexity in the situation, avoid being played and exploited by foreign interests - and actually become elected on the presentation of difficult questions? Clinton couldn't - he would never have either the public or Congress with him in his America, without spinning like a madman, and presenting a simplistic narrative - or a general irrefutable rhetorical justification for already decided policy.

..Is it still the same now?