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Jonas Valanciunas International Career


New Member
Hey guys, this is the thread I plan to post my thoughts on JV during the coming FIBA EuroBasket. Box score stats and just things I notice from the "eye test".

Today I wanted to share this: I had never seen JV's overall international career average, or even totals, until I found this website today. http://www.lithuaniabasketball.com/play ... iunas.html I spent over 20 minutes adding up all the shots made and all the shots attempted and dividing, same with FTs, totalled minutes, points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers and personal fouls. I divided his 4560 total minutes by 36 to find out what I needed to divide his totals by to get his per 36 minutes (an ideal amount for a starting center, and to compare to Dwight Howard, Al Horford, etc) averages. My main interest was to see if he was as insanely game-changing with his efficiency on offense as he showed towards the end of the year, and what kind of shotblocker and passer he is, and if he has always had serious personal foul problems as he did last year. But I will include rebounds and steals anyways. AND NOW THE RESULTS:

20.3 points (on 66%FG,76%FT), 12.34 rebounds, 1 assist, 0.75 steals, 2.71 blocks, but 3.24 TOs + 4.65 PFs. He averages 11.35 FGAs per game and 7.1 FTAs. Those many FTs on that few shots is ridiculous, FYI. So is 20.3 points on 11.4 shots, that's like 40 points if he took as many shots as Kobe when he was scoring 29. Granted, that's assuming he shoots 66% in the NBA, which is unlikely, but not too far off considering he shot 56% as a rookie. He has been a better rebounder and shotblocker than I thought, his steals are a decent number for a center.

He is all-around stats are basically awesome, but he really needs to work on turnovers.If he learns to pass out of double teams, he will be an unstoppable beast. Hell, even if he doesn't, he still could be - Dwight averages more turnovers and similar personal fouls on less points and slightly more rebounds. His past numbers show promise that he is the player we saw towards the end of the year.
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