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Jon Stewart Joke Makes It On To Glenn's Book Jacket


Registered Member
Strange. How could this guy have allowed a rivals quote on his book cover? Could be some inside joke I guess. Lets have your thoughts.

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Problematic Shitlord
It's not very hard to understand if you actually read the paragraph above those quotes. He's calling those people idiots and claiming he can tolerate them. So it's not really a mystery.


Lion Rampant
Sure, that's his way of trying to own the scathing reviews of his act and his material. Beck walks the fine line between insanity and ignorance and will never get that he IS leading the lunatic fringe. His people don't read TIME, let's face it. He had nothing to lose by spinning the mainstream as the edge and vice versa.

What caused me some surprise and revulsion was to see that he appears to have marketed his book as a how-to manual for talking to "idiots" - presumably, anyone to the political left of Beck himself. This is not the way a true leader brings his nation together. He has no nation's ear to begin with. Glenn Beck is merely ball carrier du jour in the myopic, divisive spirit overtaking the undeniably excitable and fearful conservative extreme.


Where is my Queen?
I am a republican, and I hate Glenn Beck, I used to watch his show while he was on CNN and it was pretty good at the time, but when he started working for Fox News, he started taking things to the extreme. All he does is cry now during his shows now and he makes me sick. He is the wrong guy to try to lead us republicans to victory come November. Even though most of the stuff he says are true, the way he presents the facts are horrible and very unethical in my eyes, if he wants to convert conservative democrats and independents to our party, he better change his approach. It's people like him that makes us republicans look bad.