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Discussion in 'NBA' started by mlh1981, Mar 4, 2007.

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    I wanted to dedicated this thread to one of the great, underrated careers in the history of the NBA. In addition to being the all-time leading assist man, a great clutch shooter, and a hard-nosed defender, John Stockton was a great family man, and asset to the community. The guy kept his mouth shut, and let his play do his talking. His humility and professionalism is something that everyone should admire.

    As time goes by, and past legends come up in discussion, John Stockton's name is never mentioned. I think that's a shame. There will never be another player like him. During the course of his nearly 20-year career, he remained the same type of player, as he hung on to his prime longer than most players could ever even imagine. Even in his very last seasons, he was still a top flight PG. He retired with grace and with the same organization in which he began his career with. They never won a championship, but that shouldn't tarnish his career in any sort of way.


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    Stockon was one of the best point guards to ever suit in a jersey, he wasn't all that underrated, because he made a lot of all star games, and he is mentioned with the all time best. Yes it doesn't help him that he didn't win a championship, but it doesn't hurt him all that much. He also made the best Olympic team in 1992. So I dont think he's all that underrated, but personally I never liked him. He wasn't exciting to watch. But he did get the job done.
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    Agreed with everything you said.
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    His vanilla blandness does cause him to be underated.
    he's truley one of the 4/5 best PG's of all time (Cousy, Oscar, Magic and Isiah being the others) and he's most like Cousy.
    But Cousy was a champion several times over. So are the other PG's
    Magic, Oscar and Isiah would take over important games and lead their team to victory.
    Stockton was like a machine but you never quite felt like 'Alright, we kept it close going into the fourth. Now Stockton will take over and win this game for us'
    that's what puts him behind those other PG's IMO.

    Still I really love that he worked with Deron Williams this summer and wow, look the difference!
  5. patkick

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    He did ? :scared: Damn, Deron Williams is one of the frontrunners for MIP imo. He's one of the reasons why Utah is doing so well along with Boozer and Okur.

    Anyway, I haven't watched much of Stockton to judge what kind of player he was. I've read several articles/stats about him and his numbers are impressive.
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    Yeah isn't he the career steals leader as well?

    I wasn't much of a fan of his but I wanted to see him and Malone win in '97 and '98 cuz I hated the Bulls.

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