John Steinbeck


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He makes me want to disembowel children.

Seriously, Grapes of Wrath drove me so deep into boredom that I practiced breathing to pass the time.


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Because he is a California native, our schools force fed us tons and tons of his work. Cannery Row, Grapes of Rath, Tortilla Flats, and the list goes on and on.

I'm not a fan of him AT ALL! In fact I find his writing style to be horridly dull. I dunno what it is about him but I've yet to ever read a single book of his that I enjoyed.

I compare reading John Steinbecks literature to about the same amount "Enjoyment" as Slowly puncturing my eye lids with off-brand dollar store #2 pencils.

however as usual... to each is own.
I read Of Mice and Men for school last few months. Good idea, but it seemed like he didn't even try with the story, leaving me unsatisfied with a boring book.
I read of mice and men and i very appretiate the characters. I hesitate to read Grapes of Rath...


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"Cannery Row" is the only work of his I ever read, but it amazed me. One of the best books I ever read. I love it. Just beautiful -- the easiness of American writing combined with deep feelings and weird characters ... just one of the best books I ever read. Can't quite point my finger on it, but it was.


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I really liked 'the long valley'. I have to read of 'mice and men' and 'the grapes of wrath', but apparently 'cannery row's good too?


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I love Of Mice and Men, but i've never read anything else.
Me too, I had to read Of Mice and Men for summer reading, I'm not gonna call it an amazing book, but compared to the others that I had to read it was great.


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I've read Of Mice and Men, The Pearl, and Cannery Row. The Pearl was passable, I didn't like the writing style; same could be said about Of Mice and Men.

I liked Cannery Row a lot. I tried to read East of Eden (got about 200 pages in), and Steinbeck simply can't write plot worth a damn. Cannery Row is really without plot, and more of an exploration, and is quite vivid and enjoyable. It seems weird that the best book he's ever written is rather unorthodox, as opposed to all his other works, which are Great American Novel form and bland.