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John Morrison has neck surgery


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Source: Rajah.com.

It doesn't say the severity of the injury so I am wondering what this means and how long he'll be out!

John Morrison stated on his Twitter account this morning that he's undergoing surgery to repair his neck.

He wrote, "I'm about to get an operation to fix my neck- I will return @RonKillings."

The Raw Superstar did not work this past weekend's Raw live events despite being advertised.

F4WOnline.com reported last night that Morrison is legitimately injured.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Wow...this really has me scratching my head about how serious it is.

Here's hoping that it's not; the positive is that it's going to get Truth over, as well as his "Paydirt" like finisher.

I still really want Morrison to make it to the title and to more main events...I really hope that this isn't a serious roadblock to that.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's never a good sign when you get operated on your neck. I do wonder if it's really R-Truth that injured him, if so, when did it happen?

Hopefully he's not out for a long period of time because this is a cut throat business and I don't want him to lose his spot. He's been getting a real big push in the last few months and he's carrying himself really well.

Here's to a speed recovery.

All that being said, what are they going to do with R-Truth now.


Haters gonna hate.
I see two positives coming out of this...

1) JoMo will get a break for a while. This will take a long recovery time.
2) Truth might get a push against Cena for a while. Maybe hold Cena off from Del Rio for a while. Since we all know Cena/Del Rio should happen at SummerSlam.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Here's an update on Morrison's condition...

John Morrison will be sidelined between four and six weeks after undergoing surgery today to alleviate pain caused by a pinched nerve in his neck, according to WWE.com.

Dr. Joseph Moroon, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical director for WWE, performed the procedure. He created a small incision in the back of Morrison's neck and moved the bone as well as the C5 and C6 discs from around the nerve route.

"This is considered minimally invasive surgery," said Dr. Christopher Amann, WWE's senior ringside physician. "Unlike other procedures, such as those undergone by John Cena and Edge, the typical recovery time is four to six weeks."

WWE is attributing the injury to R-Truth, who ambushed Morrison prior to their scheduled match on Raw. The angle was set up in case Morrison needed surgery or time off. He was pulled from this weekend's tour so the severity of his injuries could be examined.
I am surprised and happy its only 4 to 6 weeks...that's still long but not as long as I kinda assumed!


Where is my Queen?
When Morrison comes back I hope the WWE gives him a bigger push. Unfortunately that would mean giving R-Truth a giant push as well. I am not a big fan of R-Truth, but if that man has enough heat on him and Morrison is the one to beat him, then I am all for it.