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John Edwards Mug Shot


Registered Member
After being indicted on charges of conspiracy and false statements and illegal spending during his presidential campaign in 2008, John Edwards had his photo taken!- actually, his mug shot and it was released today.
They say he spent over $925,000 to cover up his mistress and their baby.
Most mug shots I have seen, the people don't look at all too happy, but here, Edwards looks like he thinks he just won the presidential election! (just my opinion anyway) :lol:



not a plastic bag
Tom Delay did the same thing for his mug shot years ago. I think they do it to influence future jurors. Or they since they are sleazy politicians, its possible they look like that 24 hours a day.


Registered Member
That pic can go right in the prison yearbook. Funny how a rich self-proclaimed "champion of the impoverished" can spend almost a million dollars of other people's money to cover up his personal misdeeds. Maybe he and Kwame can share a suite in federal prison.
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