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John Edwards corruption trial


Free Spirit
Staff member
If he is found guilty they should give him 30 years. Maybe it would send a message to other candidates you can't be spending other peoples money deceiving the American public and your family. His wife was sick to begin with and she had to deal with all this.

I can't believe I actually liked him or intended to vote for him. I guess a lot of people had misplaced trust in him. What do you guys think about all this?

Ex-aide's wife breaks down on witness stand


Registered Member
Jail, revoke his law license, disbar him, demand restitution in the full amount.

That guy is a lawyer. He knew what he was doing was illegal. Throw the book at him.

Remember when the media tried to ignore this story? Remind me again who broke the story. Remember the main stream media helping him out.


Free Spirit
Staff member
The media will help someone out just about anytime it is the party they affiliate themselves with. I don't believe in covering up for anyone.

Edwards deserves to have to pay that money back and go to jail as any politician should that does something like this. If we knew the truth there are probably quite a few on both sides that have broken the law and cheated like he has. I would like to see his nuts in a ringer.

I really don't remember the media ignoring this story. Evey where you looked all they were talking about was Edwards affair then allegations of using campaign money for his affair.


Son of Liberty
The mainstream media ignored the story until The National Enquirer broke the story. I agree with SS, disbarm him and throw his ass in jail. I couldn't care less about the affair, that is none of my business, but he spent campaign money which is illegal.
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