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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Merc, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Merc

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    In my World Religions class, we've been reading a great book called "Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography - A Startling Account of What We Can Know About the Life of Jesus." It's a book that focuses on Jesus as a historical figure and what we can truly know about him and his teachings.

    Surprisingly, there are a great number of things that everyday Christians do not carry on about his teachings. My professor insists that most Christians know less about their religion than atheists and it seems to be true. That in itself is rather sad.

    Has anyone else read this book or heard of it? Crossan does a great job of giving us some solid information gathered from leading archeaologists, historians, and anthropologists. It's a great read for anyone interested in the subject matter.

  2. Kazmarov

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    I looked up a bit of information out of it. Indeed, most Christians do not seem to learn of Christ via viable academic sources, and thus their education and knowledge in the matter can suffer.

    I'm secular, and I seem to have a better grasp of knowledge about religion and figures of faith. Often I've had to enlighten people who have had incorrect views on Judaism, Taoism, Islam...

    But I believe that it's inherent that Christians know less about Christ than people such as atheists. Christians follow and worship Christ as a vessel of God, while others simply view him in a larger, historical perspective. The spectrum of knowledge favors non-Christians, especially if they don't learn of their faith from sources outside their church.
  3. breathilizer

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    Kaz, it's also inherent due to the fact that MANY atheists deconverted from Christianity upon researching it thoroughly. Most Americans are raised as Christians and never think twice about it. Thus, they usually don't read the Bible or learn about the [alleged] historical Jesus.
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    I've read a good chunk of another book I think called Honest to Jesus. And it is from one of the man dudes from the Jesus Seminar. Crossan was an important figure in those efforts, at least his work was. I don't know enough about if ex-father Crossan was their. A Church Historian once wrote me that "they are the enemy." I see his point. I'm more of a "What the Bleep do you know?" follower.

    I'd love to participate in a World Religion class, that would be a privelage. History tells us there was a man called Jesus of Nazareth and he was sentenced to death. I've also read that Saul is the only Pharisee we actually know existed by name. Anyone else every hear that?
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    You might want to check your sources with that one. All my encounters ith this assertion have ultimately led up to one crucial point. The person heard that history tells us there was a man called Jesus who was sentenced to death. The actual historical record is very, very slim, limiting itself to mainly Biblical sources and a couple extra-Biblical sources, all of which are dated at least a generation after Jesus's alleged execution. It is an interesting subject, especially when studying the extra-Biblical sources because they were forged or edited only once Christianity became mainstream an sought to establish itself among skeptics. Truly an interesting topic.
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    I made the switch over to atheism for the time being after reading the Bible in its entirety. Tough to read strait through, but I found too many inconsistencies in my own morals and the facts from the Bible that drove me away from their God alltogeather. Maybe at some point, I may find a religion that fits me accuratly, but I know for sure it's not Christianity.

    On the whole, I feel that organized religion is slipping. I will start a new thread on it.
  7. smuda

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    Breathilizer, Greetings! I can live with that. "The person heard that history tells us a man called....was sentenced." my source was a fun read called Surpassing Wonder. It was a great scholarly read about the invention of the Bible and Talmund. The author had written somewhere in the work that the only thing history can tell us is that, well, what I posted previously. And it IS indeed an interesting subject. I learned on thing from that historian I liked: he wrote that in historical work we must ask questions we can answer. the context was better than I can describe here. It had to do with looking and researching scientifically. Working the problem vice brainstorming in directions one has no hope of following.
  8. Merc

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    I want more people to look into reading this book, it's a great academic read. It's one of the few school books I didn't return.
  9. Corona

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    No faster way to atheism than to read the Bible..

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