John Daly retiring?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
John Daly claims he will no longer play professional golf: 'I'm done' - ESPN

"I'm done," said a forlorn Daly in the Torrey Pines parking lot. "Just can't play like I used to. ... I'm tired of embarrassing myself."
Those are some pretty strong words. I hope he's not done. I've always felt kind of sorry for the guy, with his addictions and everything. You can never tell with him. I hope he gets everything sorted out and returns to the tour.


Sultan of Swat
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Before he had "demons" he was a real talented player, during his last few seasons I think he relied to much on his power game instead of the total picture which has hurt him.

I think he should maybe take a year off, try to find himself and his game back then try a comeback.

I've always been a Daly fan as well, and I think he has a lot of talent but he just needs to put it all together.