John Cena turning heel.

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by generalblue, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. generalblue

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  2. Bubbles

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    My thoughts are really more of a question, if it hasn't happened in the last 5 years, why would it happen now?

    No way will they ever turn every 6-year-old's boyhood hero into a heel, and that's why I hate him. The writers can do so much more with his character, since we all know he has the potential but all I see is this corny, cheesy superhero year after year.
  3. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

    Well, unfortunately, John Cena is or was the face for the WWE. WCW did it with Hulk Hogan. WWE did it with Stone Cold. The way the ratings have been flunking I would not be surprise if they try it with Cena.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    If they did it with Hogan and Austin, then I don't see why they couldn't do it with Cena. I think it would be great for his character if he did turn Heel. I don't see it happening anytime soon though, even if he joins Nexus he won't be considered a heel.
  5. I'll be glad to see Cena turn Heel. Then he'll be worth watching for a change, I miss Heel Cena. Anyone remembers the American Badass Taker, remembers Heel Cena. He was great, hell I wouldn't mind seeing Heel Cena as champ. But yea, a change needs to be made for once, and this is a change WWE would make that's a good idea.
  6. Yea I know double post and it's been talked about already, but after watching RAW...I honestly believe Cena is gonna turn at SS and end up being the brains behind it the Whole Time! I mean they could even go to the extent of showing backstage footage of Cena and Barrett talking about what their gonna do next with Cena putting on a show.

    If the writers actually use their heads, this angle could be even better than the recent Taker/Kane/Bearer fued...and I thought it was pretty good. It would be nice to have Cena come out as a Face then turn on Orton, become the Nexus Heel. Even have Nexus come out and attack Orton, then have Barrett pin him for the title. Then either that night or the RAW after come out, take off his shirt and cap, throw it down and put on a Nexus shirt and cap...I honestly believe this could be a good storyline.

  7. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

    That is exactly what I think is going to happen. Everybody knows that the Tag Team titles are shit and Nexus knows that and that could of been why they made a mockery of that title. I think that Nexus and Cena are putting up a 'show' and like I said in the Survivor Series thread, I think that Cena will turn heel and setup a match between Undertaker vs Cena at Wrestlemania.
  8. Millz

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    I hope it happens because the WWE needs a shot in the arm. This would be that shot in the arm and it could propell Randy Orton to Stone Cold status as well. And, maybe, John Cena into Hulk Hogan heel status. Hogan had the NWO and Cena could have the Nexus. I mean come on, it's all about the bigger picture, right?
  9. Unity

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    Exactly...Cena and the Nexus as The Rock and Corporation vs. Orton in a Stone Cold roll...or Hogan and the nWo vs's a formula that works. SS is the perfect opportunity, gives months to build a program with Cena as a heel...but yeah, probably won't happen lol.
  10. Yea that probably wont happen, but it's a great idea. I mean really, how awesome would it be to see Orton hit the RKO, Cena doesn't even count, Orton stands up to confront him and Cena calls out Nexus then attacks him...Everyone hits their finishers, then lets Barrett has his turn, Cena gladly goes down to pin the 1-2-3. Stands in the middle, and everyone raising their arms up...That would be the koolest thing to see.

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