Joey Porter signs with Cardinals


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he Arizona Cardinals have agreed to term with free agent lineback Joey Porter on a three-year contract. The deal is for $17.5 million with a maximum value of $24.5 million, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Porter, a four-time Pro Bowler chosen in January to the NFL's All-Decade team, was released in February but reverted to the Miami roster because of a salary cap technicality. He was released again in early March.
Shocked to me. Cards are compensating for Warner retiring


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A former Steeler playing for the Cards? NO WAI!!!!!!

Anyway, very solid move. I dont think he has alot more to offer in terms of production, but he is a solid stop gap, and his leadership, fire and knowledge could be invaluable to those young LBs.


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If Porter keeps his mouth shut then he'll be a good addition to this team. He's a capable linebacker. He brings a lot to a team, he's good at motivating people and takling people obviously.


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He's past his prime. He was a lot of problems with injuries and play quality last season. The Dolphins benched him for a reason. He'll do alright for the Cards for a year or two but I wouldn't be shocked if they drafted someone pretty high int he draft this year or next.