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JoePa not retiring yet.


Despite any quarrels I may have with Penn State and their fan base, I will say I really admire Joe Pa. He's pretty much the personification of what I love about college football. The dude loves the game and the institution and doesn't want to do anything else. College football would be far better with more like Joe Pa and less like Lane Kiffin/Brian Kelly/Nick Saban.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've always loved Paterno even though I can't stand Penn State's fans, but I really feel like he needs to retire. He's putting the university in a tough spot. It wouldn't be right for them to fire him or ask him to retire, but I think they're probably ready to move in a new direction.


Haters gonna hate.
He JUST said like three weeks ago that he is coming back... lol.

They always ask him. Every single press conference. It's pretty funny.