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I was reading up on Joe Frazier, and especially the last match he had against Ali, where his trainners called off the match because he couldn't see anymore.

If you don't know already, Frazier was blind from an eye, and during his third bout against Ali, his other eye was closed, so he couldn't see anything. The trainners said to the refs that he couldn't go anymore. Frazier wanted to continue though, he said he was ready to die in that ring. Another interesting this is that Ali was ready to quit as well, but Frazier did it before.

One of the most amazing things i've heard from Frazier is this. Everytime he went on the road he always went with this girl he was seeing on the side. One thing that Frazier did a lot was run, he always went running. This girl kept track on how many miles he ran everytime he went out for a run, and she says if her calculations are correct he went around the world three times. That's how many miles he ran. That's incredible.

There's so much more we can discuss about arguably the best boxer of all time. I know we have one member that will have things to say about him, which I cant wait to read.



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Thanks for the heads up Babe.

I was watching the documenrty the Thriller in Manilla a week ago as it happens, I have it in my DVD collection.
What an amazing end to three of the most dramatic bouts I can think of.

As you said Frazier was partially sighted in his left eye for most of his career and his natural ability to throw fast powerful left hook's, enabled him stop oponents from circling left, forcing them back into his full field of vision.

He was a powerful puncher with a bob and weave defensive style making hom hard for taller fighters to hit, he also alway's came forwards, in fact if you watch the way he comes in for an attack he is in constant motion, much like Tyson.

The first fight with Ali was billed as the fight of the century, to unbeaten heavyweights, and the fight was something to behold.
Frazier was trained by Eddie Futch before the fight and Futch had instructed him to watch Ali's right hand, when Ali threw a right uppercut he would throw it from more or less a fully upright position, putting his balance of slightly, but before he would throw it his right would drop from guard, Futch told him when the right hand dropped throw the left hook.
It worked and Frazier rocked Ali in the 11th and knocked him out in the 15th both hits were left hooks thrown as ali went for the uppercut.

There second fight was just as god but this time the win went to Ali in the 12th.There 3rd and final bout the Thriller in Manilla was to be one of the most hard fought bouts either men would have.

Ali was the Champion after taking the title from George Foreman, something that Alli liked to brag about as Frazier had been completly dominated by the larger Foremen, getting knocked down 6 times in the two round bout and losing his unbeaten record of 29 straight wins.

The fight was amazing from start to finish with the kind of ebb and flow that you would expect from a film.
The early rounds were very close with both fighters making good offensive attacks, Ali using the jab to good effect and frazier using hooks to the body.
The middle rounds showed no sign of slowing down, but it was in the later rounds that things started to go wrong for Frazier, in the 11th round Ali let go with a flurry of punches that badly bruised the face of Frazier, with only partail sight in his left eye and his right closing up fast from Ali jabs and straights he literly could not see where the punches were coming from.

By this time both of them were fighting on fumes, in the 13th Ali landed another flurry of punches, knocking out Joe's mouthpiece which would stay out untill the end of the round.
The 14th was a brutal round for both men, Frazier went into that round almost completely blind, Ali was hurting and so tired that he could hardly stand,but still managed to score with punches on the helpless Frazier.

It was after this round that Frazier's trainer Futch called an end to the fight fearing for his fighter's health.
At the same time Ali was in his corner asking Angelo Dundee to end the fight and cut his gloves off, Dundee refused to do it, so when Fraziers team signelled the ref that he would not continue you can see the relief on Ali's face, who collapsed shortly after.

I believe that if Frazier had been able to see we may have had a different outcome as he still seemed to want to fight.

I think that hese three fights have linked these men forever, as you cannot think about either with out thinking of the battles they had with the other.

I admit that Frazier was not of the most gracefull in the ring, but he had something that a lot of fighters lacked, an indestructable will to win.
He was a champoin who became a legend in his own lifetime.


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Another thing I would like to add is this. When Ali served his time in jail for refusing to enter in the military, Frazier won the title by default. Deep down he wasn't to proud of that because he wanted to beat Ali. When Ali got released from prison Frazier kept giving him money, and kept trying to convince Ali to go back to Boxing because he wanted to face him.

Before the thrilla from Manila, Ali rediculed Frazier every chance he got, he even called him a Gorilla at one point.
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Yeah Frazier actually petitioned then president Nixon to reinstate Ali's boxing licence, he also boycotted the elimanation tournement to find Ali's successor when Ali was stripped of his WBA title.

He was also the first american to win a gold medel and title in the heavyweight division, he was only on the olympic team as a stand by as one of the other fighters had hurt his hand.

His left hook was just deadly and accounted for a lot of his wins, a record of 32 W, 27 by KO 4 L , and one draw.


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Good to see Frazier on these boards.. One of the best left hookers of all time & often does'nt get the credit he deserved.. Interesting facts delivered by other posters.. I think it's good for people to know about the brown envelopes given to Ali.. Frazier had to be one of the bravest heavies of all time to.. I don't think anyone will argue the fact that George Foreman had his number, but Frazier didn't hesitate climbing back in with him after being brutally KO'd during their 1st encounter.. The 2nd fight saw Frazier completely change his style from crouch & crowd, to box & move.. Unbelievably, he managed to last an extra couple of rounds & didn't get KO'd as badly..
With ref to his eyes.. Can remember watching him Vs Joe Bugner at Earls court in 1973.. This was shortly after the Foreman fights, & Bugner surprisingly fought out of his skin, getting knocked down & steaming straight back in there.. Frazier unleashed hell on Bugners body throughout, to take a close DC with once again, one eye completely shut.. As for Bugner.. Christ!... What would he have been like with a vicious temper??