Joe Dimaggio and The Season 1942


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For some years on a number of boards Joe's season of 1942 has been a topic of discussion.
That is some drop off especially for a young ballplayer. Seemingly no explanation anyone could come up with, no major injuries in that season.

Well, I thought I might look beyond the playing field, other factors that may have contributed to that drastic drop off in 1942 for Joe.

This could certainly be a part, a hugh part in Joe's performance in 1942.
Joe's dad came to the USA from Italy. When Italy and the USA found themselves on opposite sides in the war, the USA panicked. Most know what they did to some Japanese living in the USA, they were sent to live in camps in the USA.
Not as well known, how some Italian Americans were treated.

Joe's dad made his living in Frisco as a fisherman.
The US government went into his dad's home, looking for radios, tramsmitters and receivers and flashlights......yes even flashlights. They thought he might be receiving and sending messages when out to sea on his boat, to enemy nations.

One of his fishing vessels was seized.
He was banned from docking his boats in some docks.
He was limited in the distance from docks when fishing.
He was not allowed to have any flashlights on board, fear he may use them to send messages to any enemy nations out at sea.
He was ordered to report to the local post office, photographed, finger printed and issued an Enemy Registration Card and have it with him at all times.

If that wasn't enough, Joe's wife threatened him with divorce in 1942.
In that season Joe was diagnosed and found to have some ulcers.
Between what was taking place with his dad, the divorce mess, it's certainly a very good possibility that events off the field effected Joe's performance on the field.
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