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What kind of people we have in here? Anyone go to college? Anyone not graduate high school?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Currently working full time, and then some.. for my online based company "nurv."

Basically running forums, doing web design, marketing, graphics, campaigns, odd stuff, and buying/selling domain names.



Registered Member
Currently unemployed but looking. Went to school and have a B.S in C.I.S. with an emphasis in programming. Still working a part-time job one day a week and assisting Andrew with forums and some programming for "nurv".


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I work at home for a UK telecommunications job. I quite love what I do, and can't believe I can make money at it as well. I am a college grad.


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i'm a full-time freelance writer doing tutoring on the side. i love my life more since i became self-employed. :)


New Member
Freelance part-time writer, Full time doctor. I love what I do, since i get to meet interesting people both online and in the real life