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Job offer dilemma


needs practice
I have this dilemma in my job offers.

I was offered a job doing what I want to do but for definitely not the right amount of money.

I have had 6 interviews afterwards, and am waiting to hear back from them. I just had a phone interview for my ideal job and ideal pay. I am supposed to hear back within 2 weeks if I were to be called in to their office.

I declined the pay amount of the first job offer and offered a counter offer two weeks ago. I was told he would talk to his partner and get back to me. I just received an email today from him, reoffering me the job without mentioning my counter offer, seeing if I was still interested.

I still have at the most 2 weeks to hear from my ideal job, and should be hearing back from the other 6 interviews I had.

I'm having trouble thinking of what to email back to this guy, as the job is good but the pay is not at all. I am thinking about taking this job, and then quitting if I can get a better paying job or my ideal job. But in the time frame, that would mean I would be working for this company for a very short time, if I took this job and in best case scenario, got my ideal job. And I'd probably burn some bridges for taking a job and then quitting so soon...

They seem to want me, and need the position filled soon...how do I prolong the offer until I can hear back from my other interviews with better pay?

Help and comments asap, thanks!


Registered Member
I would tell the truth, but not the full truth. Do they know if you are ready to work immediately?

Make up some lie about why you can't come to work for them for another 2 weeks. Simple as that.

It sounds like taking the job and then quitting immediately to go to this other job would really screw over these people. And I don't know about you but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing something like that.

Whatever you do you cannot tell them the full truth of why you are debating taking the job. That will give them the idea that you will leave at a moments notice for something better and by doing that they will definitely stop looking at you.


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Your original decision to decline the low-pay job should stick. I don't say that because of the pay, I say that because you countered, and they didn't address it. To reverse your decision now might make you look flaky and uncertain. You have plenty of opportunities cooking so I don't think it'll harm you. On the other hand, an income is always important and I can't weigh your financial status from here. Be sensible about what has the most priority.


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I think you could accept the current offer, if they have met your salary requirements, while letting them know that the pay is not your ideal situation. If you have to quit after a short time it should come as no suprise to them as they offered less than what you feel you're worth. IMO if you are honest about the fact that it is a compromise to accept the current offer and a better offer comes along then they would have the opportunity to sweeten the pot in order for you to consider staying.


needs practice
Thanks for the advice. I'm going to try to stall them as long as I can and hope to hear back from the others. That's the plan so far...


needs practice
Well I'm proud to say...I'm taking my talents down the street to work as a Golf Shop Manager. The facility is literally 8 minutes away, which is awesome. I'm finally employed!