Job number 3 :)


Hell, It's about time!
Ok... so I might be getting another job here soon. I'm already a cook at Red Lobster, paper carrier and now I'm looking to add a 3rd job at Gander Mountain (in the gun department :w00t: ) for the upcoming hunting season. I talked to the manager and they need a lot of people, especially ones who know a lot about guns. We've been talking back and forth the last two days and I should hope and pray to know by weeks end. Between all 3 jobs I will be netting $700 weekly. We really need the money to pay shit off. Car, house, credit cards...

So here is hoping I get it...


Musician of the B.W.
yeah i know how u feel, i mean i dont have bills yet but with the waiting to get a response part i can totally feel what ur goin through, im waiting for a job myself and with college coming up i dont know what im gonna do.


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Does anyone think its better to keep calling about a job, or to leave it alone and let them call you?
Give them some time to decide, if you dont get a call then try to hollar at them within a weeks time. We'll be rooting for you!