Job losses.

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by snowflake, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. snowflake

    snowflake Registered Member

    How many more job losses will there be?

    Are you worried about your job?

    Alot are right now. I think i'm secure in my job at the minute but there has been alot of job losses within my company, even two of our offices closing.
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  2. wooly

    wooly I am the woolrus

    I'm just happy i'm a [strike]freeloader[/strike] student!
  3. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

    I lost my job a couple of months back and had to settle for a job that pays alot less. It sucks but I consider myself fortunate that I still recieve a check every other week.
  4. snowflake

    snowflake Registered Member

    Anyone with a job right now i consider lucky !!
  5. lolacherry

    lolacherry Registered Member

    Im getting scared, i work for a large well known car dealership and there are "rumours" going round that they are sacking many and making them re-apply for the job!
    ATM me and my fiance need to find a new flat because our landlady is selling so if i did loose my job, it would cripple us for some time :( loosing my job would be devastating to me but if my fiance lost his it would be even worse because he makes the best money!

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