job hunting... the epic battle continues.


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lately i have been trying to find a job but without my highschool diploma doohicky and my location it just seems like i cant land a job washing mcdonalds. if anyone knows a job in/close to the ontario/howe indiana area or a site i can search freely please post in here.


Sally Twit
You should join an agency and ask to do some temp work. In England they sometimes find a place for you that same day. You could be working there a week or you could be working there a few months. Sometimes temp work leads to perm work.


Supreme System Lord
Bliss is right, it's always better to get an agency looking for the work for you as they know who is after temp workers and how desperately they wish to take new people on.

The key to job seeking is not to give up, stick with it and good luck.


,,l,, //_- ,,l,,
thanks, ill definately need it with the econemy... most local jobs here are factory and they are gettin rid of ppl.


my familys fucked if forest rivers or dometic goes down. temp agencies wouldent be a bad idea if they werent overflowing with ilegals. not to be predijuce but damn enter legally, learn some damn english, and stop using racial descrimination as an excuse to get everything. then maybe we can get our gov't back in line.