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Job Applications - specifically UNICRU's


I gotta give it up to business, they created a way to make the application process EVEN more dreadful. UNICRU for example; in a nutshell they help businesses find the most qualified candidate possible for their job. Keyword: JOB! Not career, but a freakin' minimum wage job. They [UNICRU] has this extensive application procedure where they waste 30 minutes of your time asking personality questions. They're trying to find the most bubbly, energetic people they can for businesses. They score the application and send it to the business, where the business sees the score and calls the highest scored application for an interview. Isn't that a bit fooked up?

Do you really think a personalty test can get you the best employee? It seems that more and more employers are using UNICRU for their prospective applicants which not only has them do this flawed personality test, but also waste 30+ minutes of their time for EACH application they fill out. So, if you're looking for a job, you'll probably have to waste 3 hours just for 3 applications. Am I lazy? I don't know. I just know that UNICRU's personality test portion of their application are severely flawed. Of course, if you scored 0-20 it might not be wise to call you back, but what about the majority that KNOW of UNICRU's scam and lie on it?

Oh, what happen to the easy days where you fill out a 10 minute application, everybody gets a call back, get an interview, get hired and fired you if you get out of line. Oh those were the days. ~_~


Ms. Malone
Ah the good old days...i don't know what they are...but so far i haven't been called back to a second interview.

I hate looking for a job.