Jimmy Rave done with RoH?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by The Majestic, Aug 5, 2007.

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    It appears that Jimmy Rave has had a falling out with Ring of Honor(RoH) the story is that RoH has told Jimmy he will not be used in the up coming August shows where as Jimmy Rave is one of the few signed RoH stars. RoH has told him that signing a contract does not gurantee you a spot on the card.

    Thus Jimmy has apparently walked out on Ring of Honor it's not been reported where he will go, but there is a good chance it will be either of the following Full Impact Pro, PWG, or Pro Wrestling Unplugged. My money is on him going to PWG.

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    RoH is unfair. It sucks that they don't let him play even if he signs a contract.

    I hope he goes to PWU. They'll need him..
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    PWU could be close to getting Eddie Kingston, unless CZW works out their problems, there's some real competition here with the indies.
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    Eddie Kingston, I would love to see him i CZW, but as you said, they have problems and I recon he'll end up in PWU.

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    In a parting that is being described as, “not an amicable deal” Jimmy Rave, who was under contract to Ring of Honor has parted way with both Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro Wrestling, the sister promotion of ROH. More details are expected to come from this in the coming days.

    Credit: Pwinsider.com


    -This is not an angle as some may have thought, Jimmy Rave has received his official release from Ring of Honor and is finished with the promotion. While many feel that there have been issues brewing for a while, the apparent last straw was last weekend in Deer Park, Long Island. Rave suffered an ear injury during his bout, and after his match he apparently demanded to talk to ROH officials during the show; it was then that Rave declared that he was leaving the company and wanted a release.

    -Some in the company feel that Rave was just lashing out, but with his history of him being unhappy, ROH decided to use the money they would invest in him and use it elsewhere; like another under card talent they could lock into a contract. There is believed to be a lot of heat of Rave due to the way he went about things, as he unprofessionally confronted management during a show. He has also been dropped from FIP, the sister promotion of ROH, which Gabe Sapolsky also books for.

    -Many wrestlers saw the move coming, as it had been obvious that Rave had not been happy backstage. Rave was actually telling others at the ROH event in Edison, NJ this past Saturday that he thought he was about to be released. People close to Rave feel that the build-up of injuries suffered by Rave in recent months had added to his attitude. Contrary to some reports, Rave wasn't receiving medical insurance as part of his ROH deal; which is seen by many as very one-sided in favor of ROH and they don’t guarantee a number of dates for the performers.


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