Movies Jim Carrey official thread


Sultan of Swat
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Well like I mentioned in my Leonardo DiCaprio official thread, I'll be making new threads of different actors. So its time to start a new one. The actor I've chosen for my new thread is Jim Carrey.

I want to know what you think of Jim Carrey?

In my opinion he's a real good actor, he could be a real funny characther and sometimes he could be a serious one.

Personally I prefer when he does comedy movies because he's so damn funny, he could do tons of facial expressions that will make you laugh till you cannot breath anymore. I'm more of a fan of his old movies then his recent ones, but he still makes good movies.

So what are your opinions on funny man Jim Carrey?


Sally Twit
He is my favourite actor when it comes to comedy. I could watch Liar Liar a million times and never get bored of it. He can do some really funny expressions with his face and he's so full of energy. He showed a different side to himself in Man on the Moon which was a good film. I also like him in The Mask, Me, Myself and Irene, Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty.


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Boy he has got to be the king of comedy acting, I began to LMFAO when I saw him on 'In living color' He would play a character called 'Fire Martial bill' and he would try to tell kids what to do in dangerous situations of fire and electricity..
Well it would always turn out to be him showing kids what not to do while he fries himself and burns all the hair off his head, that shit was just classic!

But yea he is a comedic geneous and he is known for doing roles that nobody else could do nearly as well as he does.

I was blown away with his 'real' serious side in "23" I never knew he could be serious and intence at the same time!:-o