Jewish New Year


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A thread to send greetings to any Jewish person on the forum.
It's only 9 days away, Tuesday-Wednesday next week (30th Sept-1st Oct) and I doubt I'll be around to send greetings then :D

Happy New Year and
"Ktiva ve'hatima tova" (May the writing and sealing of your fate in the coming year be good)



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Happy New Year to you Boredie. Tell us more about your NY, from where is it based on and what do you usually do to celebrate it?


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Thanks ysabel :)
I guess there are too few of Jewish people on GF..

Anyway to answer your question the NY is also known as Judgement Day, so it's not really celebrated in the same way 2009 is celebrated.
It is the day we are judged for all our deeds during the past year and before that as well. Towards the NY we engage in extra prayers to ask forgiveness on anything we might've done if it was towards God or toward a fellow person (which we ask forgiveness from personally).
The day is made up of 2 days where we pray special prayers and eat good and special foods for the meals (it's integral in every Jewish holy day - the food :D)
That is the basics, really. (I haven't gone into all the little details, there is a lot to add in that respect, though.)
Feel free to ask more.