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Jewellery and junk


aka ginger warlock
I don't have any piercing or rings etc, I have also not painted my finger nails in a very long time but I do from time to time wear wrist bands, I have a load of wooden ones, some stone ones but all of them are of different colour, I also have three necklaces, one wooden, one metal and one pentagram, would do you own?
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I have my ear peirced which only comes out if the kids yank it.
I also wear sterling silver rings,all different designs, on six of my fingers and a silver chain with my Dad ring on it round my neck when not working.
I dont wear them to work in case they get caught on something and caused me some kind of damage.


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Christopher, I am not even going to ask why did you paint your nails in the first place.

I used to wear a lot of wristbands and necklaces but I grew out of that, the only wrist band I wear now is the silver and gold one my girlfriend got me for my birthday. As for earrings, I am over that too. I wear it now and then but then again, my ear doesn't agree with cheap earrings.


Sultan of Swat
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I never wore any jewlery in my life and I don't plan on doing so unless I get married. Then I'll wear a wedding band.

The only thing I do wear is wrist bands. I have one on each wrist. One is the Livestrong yellow wristband and the other is a Montreal Canadiens wristband.


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I have ridiculous quantities of piercings, does that count? :p

I don't wear a lot of jewellery except for those, though. Gf and I have matching dogtag-style necklaces that I got engraved for her birthday a few years ago (hers says 'Princess' and mine 'Tiger', which is an old joke, and they both have meaningful quotes on the second tag) but we don't wear them all the time. I have a couple rings I usually wear, one she got me and one my best bro paid for for me, but I don't tend to do wristbands and things. I have my watch on 95% of the time and fairly often I wear a leather bracer on the other side, just for the hell of it. :D I have a collection of those...!


Sally Twit
My ears are pierced but I don't wear earrings any more. I wear a ring on the middle finger of my right hand and I always wear a necklace. I have a Pandora bracelet which I wear on special occasions.


I own and wear a lot of necklaces, I wear one every day usually. I have three permanent pieces on me at all times. A band around my right wrist (woven materiel) and two anklets on my right ankle. I never take them off, they stay on all the time and I only replace them if they get too worn out and fall off.

One thing I will never wear is rings. I also don't have any piercings. I have a fear of putting on a ring and it getting stuck then having to get it sawn off my a doctor. I'll only wear a ring if it's on a necklace around my neck. Still not sure what I'm going to do if I ever get engaged in the future.


Problematic Shitlord
I really want a few rings but as of the moment, I have none. I usually wear a watch and sometimes a necklace of a somewhat pagan cross. It's a cross with a sun in the middle, a tool used to convert pagans all those years ago who worshiped the sun and nature as supreme. I've always seen it personally as a union between personal belief and the laws of the natural world. But that's just my interpretation.


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I have a Vishnu figurine on a gold chain that I refused to ever take off when I was younger, lol. It's in box now with all my other chains and rings and stuff. I have a watch too but I never wear it either.
I never paint my fingernails, btw, only my toenails. :D
Both of my ears are pierced and I wear earings sometimes but what I really want is a lip ring! Only one and not in the middle, on one side and on my lower lip.


yellow 4!
I don't wear jewellery and junk, never have since I was a kid. Not too sure why. I do like to have something on my wrist, but usually made out of material or rubber. I don't even own anything else.

All my friends used to make fun of me for not having my ears pierced but I was adamant that I didn't want to be a girly-girl. Obviously now I'm older I know that doesn't necessarily make you girly, and there's nothing wrong with being girly anyway, but I still don't want to do it. :dunno: