Jewel, Ty Murray & Criss Angel to host RAW

What does two-time Grammy Award winner Jewel and nine-time bull riding world champion Ty Murray have in common? They are a celebrity power couple ready to bring even more action and excitement to Monday Night Raw live from Indianapolis. Jewel is an accomplished singer/songwriter with a new album coming in June and a new single, “Stay Here Forever,” featured on the soundtrack for Valentine’s Day. She is also founder of Project Clean Water, a charity devoted to providing clean drinking water around the world. (Visit Jewel's site)

Ty Murray is the most accomplished bull rider in the history of the sport and will be on hand when Pro Bull Riders brings its first World Cup to the United States in April. He is also a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars. (Visit Ty Murray's site)

What does this celebrity couple bring have in store for Raw? Tune in Feb. 22 to find out!
Raw will bring extra magic and quite possibly blow your mind only three weeks before WrestleMania as the “mindfreak” himself, Criss Angel, hosts Raw from Portland, Ore.

Criss Angel is more than your average illusionist. In addition to his hit show Mindfreak, Angel has teamed with Cirque du Soleil to take magic to a new, introspective and psychological level with “Believe” in Las Vegas.

What kind of illusions with Criss Angel create on Raw? You will have to see to believe March 8!
Source: WWE: TV Shows > Raw > Special Guest Hosts > Upcoming Raw guest hosts

I take it all three of them will be face hosts? Too bad, we need some more heels to spice it up.
Terrible, terrible, terrible. That sounds like some terrivle guest hosts. They better have good matches and promos during those Raws, or I might just sleep through them. Ha.


Certified Shitlord
What's so terrible about Angel? The other two suck definitely, but I think Angel would be awesome.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Chriss Angel can be entertaining in my opinion. I don't really know about the others, I am sure Jewel will screw up most of the time she speaks, oh well at least she's hot. I have no clue who Ty Murray is though.
What's so terrible about Angel? The other two suck definitely, but I think Angel would be awesome.
I'd rather have someone better. I find him corny. I don't think he'd be awesome, but probably better than Johnny Damon. Haha.