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Movies Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan

Jet Li vs Jackie Chan

  • Jackie Chan

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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This has been a debate for a few decades now. And, I'm not talking about who's the better actor from the two, since we all know both are pretty terrible at acting.

That said, both are very entertaining when it comes to action fighting scenes, or just stunts.

In your opinion, who do you find more entertaining from the two? And, what are your favorite movies from your pick?



Well-Known Member
Good thread idea, Biz.

I'm gonna go with Jet Li because I enjoy watching him more. I find Jackie Chan to be very hit and miss, and a little bit silly. Jet Li, I like nearly all his movies.

I think a decade ago, Jackie Chan might have won out, but now it's definitely Jet Li.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
My answer is pretty similar to Lauren's, Jet Li for me. Most of his work is good, with Jackie Chan some is just meh...I also think that Jet Li's characters are usually cooler and his martial arts style is just a lot more skilled in appearance where Chan's is kind of sloppier. I know that's just how he is, but I just enjoy Li more.


Registered Member
Jet Li, but not by a whole lot. Mostly he's just more consistently enjoyable.

I once had a D&D character named Jet Chan, but the session after I created him, I couldn't remember if I'd named him that, or Jackie Li... :lol: