Jesus struck by lightning..


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From the Daily Mail
RIO de JANIERO - The world's largest statue of Jesus was hit by lightning, and a photographer managed to capture it as it happened.
The bolt came out of thunderclouds over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to strike Christ the Redeemer. It happened during a storm in the region on Sunday, February 9, 2008.
The statue of Christ is 130 feet tall, it’s made of 700 tons of reinforced concrete and stands atop the 2,296 foot-tall Corcovado Mountain which overlooks Rio.
It was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.
Sunday's storm caused havoc in Rio, as it knocked trees down in several neighborhoods.
The storm and lightning strike did not damage the giant statue of Jesus.
This amazing photograph gives whole new meaning to the phrase "May God strike me with lightning if..."


Anjiru Ookami

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HAHA! Wow, that's pretty crazy. o.o' I feel sorry for Jesus. And the people in Rio, there was probably some nut running around going "THIS IS A SIGN FROM GODDDDD!!!!!!!!" the second he heard about it.xD