"Jesus" Face in door???


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OK this one is a little creepy since you can really see it! Hope it goes higher but the shipping is going to keep it low I think???


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LOL look closer at the door i think it is the 2 bottom images on the auction, you can see more than just one face there are two next to jesus that looks kinda evil, on the 3rd image look to the right you see a face that has evil eyes and a really long tongue and to the top left side of jesus same image you see a skeleton face kinda freaky lol


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The skeleton is "iffy," but I see the other face you are talking about. I saw it right away in that last picture! It's either a long tongue or a beard or something. That one is clear as day too... WOW!


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better yet in the third image look to the left i saw something more clear you will see an image of basically a full size body look closley and it will start with a dark type afro then the face neck and so on you cant miss it it is on the left of the jesu face.


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I think it's more than just a face. I can actually make out the body. It looks like he is just standing there with his arms folded across his chest.


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Man i'm glad that you said that . I thought I was the only one who saw the shape of of another person on the door. There is other faces and things I see in the door as well as the face of jesus...Love to see bigger and better pics of the door.. :D