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Jesus Cheeto on That 70's show


Well-Known Member
I was at work today and my one assistant manager told me that my former manager was watching that 70's show and someone was making a reference about finding a cheeto that looked like Jesus in the show. It was on this past week and was wondering if anyone saw that episode. I'm just curious as if it were a new or old episode and any further details. Thanks


Registered Member
Hi dragon, My son saw it and he said it was a past one.....he watches it... i think he does it to torture me for that time frame.........lol I grew up in the 70's boy I have some yukky pic of me growing up...lol nani


Registered Member
Leno has been making alot of references to toast and cheetos on the show that look like people in his monologue... I'm just waiting for the night he actually starts talking about auctions again...


Registered Member
how funny dragon............cheetos........and animal crackers....lol nani