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TV Jesse James


Registered Member
Wasn't quite sure where to plop this thread, but I took it here because of his TV show (does he still have it btw?) Anywho, seems Jesse James has written his memoirs. No shit. He wasted no time after he and Sandra Bullock split. I was wondering how the rest of y'all felt about Mr. Jesse James. He was married to this beautiful lady, a great actress, Sandra Bullock. After they split, he is now engaged to another pretty lady, Kat Von D. Some guys will be drooling I'm sure. Then he also tells of his childhood abuse. Anyone feel sorry for him? Cause he talks like the abuse affected him to the point of why he made some bad choices in life. Do you still like the guy? Or are you one of those that couldn't give a rat's ass about him? :lol: