Jesse Jackson gas-guzzler stolen

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by SmilinSilhouette, Sep 3, 2010.

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  2. Merc

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    It's just like all these right wing pundits praising the "working man" and claiming to be on the same level when they're so prissy and uptight it's not even funny. Don't believe me? Look up Hannity's speaking requirements. Or how about the countless republicans in the past few years that have been caught with hookers and male escorts? All politicians are liars, this is not news.

    Also, what's this "ruling class" junk?
  3. CaptainObvious

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    ALL of them are? I thought you despised labels and absolutes? Also, can we discuss a SPECIFIC topic without derailing it with GENERAL topics about the other side? The topic is the hypocrisy of Jesse Jackson, not about any generalizations about right wing pundits. Hannity's speaking requirements are irrelevant to the OP.
  4. Bubbles

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    I'm surprised anyone even takes Jesse Jackson seriously. I'm a liberal btw, and even I think he's full of shit. Jesse Jackson is to civil rights what Ann Coulter is to Republicans. Sure racism is a serious problem, but people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make it look like a joke, because they're always pulling the race card everywhere.
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  5. Merc

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    I brought up what I did because SS is talking about hypocrisy.

    Also, I'm not being cynical when I say all politicians are liars, just think about it. You have to be a liar to get anywhere as a politician these days. We already know that Americans prefer being lied to than hearing the truth and as a politician it's part of the job to promise things you can't do and spend your time paying back people you owe and doing favors. There's just a lot of dishonesty in politics in all forms and types.
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    :lol: Right on xBubblesx! Those two jackasses are the biggest race baiting opportunist shakedown artists ever to claim to "represent" anyone! If I was black I would be totally PISSED OFF these fools claim to represent blacks. Also, if I was a preacher I would be pissed these guys call themselves "reverend"! They both are narcissistic shameless self-promoters whose only concern is their own fame and wealth.

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