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Apparently, Vince McMahon thought it was too early for Jericho to make a return. Of course, the writers thought different. Jericho was originally set to return at No Mercy but now, Vince decided to push it back a little so now, most likely Chris Jericho will be returning at Cyber Sunday. In my opinion, Cyber Sunday suits him best because of the "Cyber" background.

- During No Mercy, Vince McMahon said he will give the crowd what they want, and then the crowd started "Y2J" chants.

- A new cryptic video premiered at No Mercy this time with the main focus being, "22_12_REV" a possible reference to the bible. This is about Jericho, and Im sure of it.

- During RAW after No Mercy, fans were seen holding up Jericho signs. Including one that says, "RAW IS JERICHO"

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I can't wait for him to come back. There is little doubt in my mind that he'll be any later then Cyber Sunday and I can't wait. I hope they put him in some good storylines early too.


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Well first HBK comes back on Raw last night then Chris Jericho is rumoured to make his return to the WWE very soon, this is only good news for the World Wrestling fedaration. The ratings can only go up with these two amazing performers coming back. I believe losing Cena won't hurt them all that much.


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Plus then the return of Kennedy , Umaga and Edge to action in a little while and this could be some of the best months we have had all year coming up to end the year.


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I think Vince made a good call. I don't think he was ready to come back yet. Also I agree with Cyber Sunday being perfect for his return.