Jeff Hardy at WM


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Jeff Hardy is champion, but being champion is one thing and being in a main event match at Wrestlemania is another. Do you think that Jeff Hardy will still be champion/challenging for the championship when the time comes?

There's still the matter of Jeff Hardy's 'attacker' which opens up a feud with whoever that may be. If that is someone like Christian, then there's no way Jeff will still be champion when that feud comes about, because there's no way Christian will return with a feud with the WWE champion.

Another factor is with Edge and Triple H on the roster, can you see Jeff Hardy getting a place over either of them for a WM championship match?

I think it's a shame that, no matter how over he is with the fans, the odds seem stacked against him to be in a championship match at WM.


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I would be very surprised if you saw Jeff Hardy as WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 25. I think WWE is going to want someone else in the WWE title match at their biggest PPV in history (my opinion).

This is nothing against Jeff Hardy but I dont see him as a mega superstar as I do like HHH, Edge, Taker etc etc. I'm not sure what WWE has planned but I'm sure it won't be Hardy as champion.

I think his match will be against his attacker. Whether that's Edge, Christian, or even his brother Matt.
I agree. I think WWE need to give either Edge or Triple H back the championship. I like Jeff, but not as a main eventer. I think he should lose the title at the Rumble and have either an Edge vs Triple H or Edge vs Orton (If Orton wins the RR).

I don't think Christian should main event at WM since it is the biggest and he is just returning. Maybe wait until next year for him to event there.


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I dont believe Jeff Hardy will be defending his championship at Wrestlemania, he might be a fan favorite, but hes defenitely not one of the big boys in the company. Like a few members already mentioned he's not at the same level as HHH and Edge and The Undertaker.

Wrestlemania is going to be one of the biggest Wrestling Events of all time, the WWE is going to make sure to put the write wrestlers to headline it, and I doubt Jeff Hardy will be one of them.