Movies Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral

First one definitely had some creepy moments, the second one was cheesy and fed into my love of seeing pretty teenagers dismembered. Ha. I wonder how this one will be?


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I'll admit the first one had tension until it showed the monster. I thought it was a lot more effective when it was just the scare crowy type thing. The second one was laughably bad. This new one sounds like it has a "straight to DVD" quality about it. Shame that it will probabaly be demonstrating this quality on the big screen.
Yeah. had they not shown the monster until the very end of the first one (and made him a little less cheesy), I think that would've been a pretty great horror film.

I am a sucker for cheesy horror films, the cheesier the better. So the the second one was still mildly entertaining. Haha.


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Don't get me wrong Kons, the second one entertained me for sure. Probably not in the way intended but I thought it was hilarious.


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I heard about this a while ago.

Very excited, I loved the Jeepers creepers movies and am looking forward to this one. I felt like there was still a lot missing from the ones that did come out. It would be good to find out more about where the creeper comes from and what it is.


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Well, I enjoyed the first and second Jeepers Creepers so, let's just hope the third installment will be just as horrific or taken a notch higher.