jealous ? Or onto something ?


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Hi people, I've been seeing a really nice fella for 9-ish months now, and I think for the first time EVER, I may be feeling jealous !
He told me very early in the relationship that until he started spending time with me, he'de go walking at night with his bosses wife. Said he wanted to lose weight, and had nothing better to do, and she wanted to get away from her husband for a while because he was being awful to her. Apparently they used to walk for hours (up to 5) and chat...
Call me paranoid but I straight away thought it may have been more !
He stopped walking with her the minute he started seeing me, but he gets online and comments back and forth with her online. She made a comment the other day that to me was maybe a little innapropriate, and I meantioned this to him, he deleted the comment straight away. Then last night he said he'de commented to her, but I couldn't see this on my page (which I normally can) so I asked him if he knew why. He sounded a little annoid, and said he had no idea, soon after deleted his profile...
Am I looking for something that isn't there, or am I onto something ???


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I don't know enough to say for sure in your situation, but I wanted to point out that the two aren't mutually exclusive. It could be that you're right, and there is something to be suspicious about, but that doesn't mean you aren't also jealous.
The question is, do you trust him? How would he take it if you were to sit down with him and talk about this? It's hard to say from our position, since we don't know him or your relationship. Just go with your instincts and play it how you see fit, personally I probably wouldn't mention it to him again if I trusted him, but keep an eye out for anything similar happening in the future, you know?