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Movies JCVD, Arnold, Stallone, Seagal ect.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I sort of made a similar thread to this close to a year ago, so I've decided to do it again.

I think we can all agree that these actors that I am about to mention aren't that good when it comes to acting, but they sure make good action movies.

-Jean Claude Van Damme
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Steven Seagal
-Sylvester Stallone
-Chuck Norris

Out of these five actors I just mentioned which ones do you enjoy watching and which ones you cannot stand? Which is your favorite movie from the ones you enjoy?

I personally enjoy all of them, and here are my favorite movie from all of these actors.

-Jean Claude Van Damme(Hard Target)
-Arnold Schwarzenegger(Commando)
-Steven Seagal(Under Siege 2)
-Sylvester Stallone(Rocky 4)
-Chuck Norris(Missing in action)

How about you guys?


Son of Liberty
Arnold and Seagal are my favorite out of them. Shoot my dad is a huge Seagal fan, so we've got every single one of his movies on VHS and DVD :hah: My lil' Bro is a pretty huge Arnold Fan so we've got alot of his flicks to.

My favorite action Arnold movie is probably True Lies. Although there are a ton of great movies in his wake prior to that one. Notables are obviously Predator 1, Red Heat, Commando, oh man there are just so many.

Segal has always been a favorite of mine, his acting isnt the greatest but in the end I think his confidence makes up for what he lacks there. Fire Down Below is probably one of my favorites from him. The Under Seige series was pretty good to, nothing like seeing a man rip another mans throat out with his bare hands right!

Chuck Norris.... I've never liked him. I didnt catch on to the whole Chuck Norris hype back in the, so to me he just looks like a short white dude with a Mini-Mullet and a bad beard that likes to swing his feet around. JCVD... well he just wasnt that big around here for some reason so to be honest I think I've only seen about 2-3 of his movies. And compared to Seagal and Arnold they werent good enough for me to commit to memory. That and he's got his own movie... I mean come on JCVD the movie... when you're making your own biography flick and chances are its just liek your standard movie... come on, IMO thats major deduction of cool points.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's one thing that I really enjoyed from Steven Seagal, unlike all the other action movie stars he didn't use guns all the time to kill someone, he usually used his hands, then broke their necks, arms and legs. Those parts were awesome. Some of my favorite movies of Seagal are:

-Hard to Kill
-Above the Law
-Out for Justice
-Exit Wounds
-The Glimmer Man

You have to give Van Damme a chance my friend. Just curious which movies have you seen from him?

Here's a few that I think you would enjoy:

-Hard Target
-Sudden Death
-Nowhere to Run
-The Quest
-Time Cop
-Universal Soldiers

All of these are beauties, and I know I am missing some.


Registered Member
I like them all so will just put my favorite films down from each.

The Rocky series are just about the best boxing films ever made in my opinion, I also really liked Rambo and Tango and Cash.

Conan, Terminator and Commando I will watch when ever they come on, even though I own them all on DVD.

I much prefer his early films like Nico, Hard to Kill, Out for Justice, out of his later films the only one I enjoyed was Urban Justice.

My favorites are Blood Sport, Hard Target and Time Cop.
I admit that I have always had a problem with the choreography in his films it always seems to take him a year and a day to throw a high kick and his punches can seen coming a mile off, but thats just me being picky.

I have seen any his stuff for a long time and can only remember two films that really stand out for me, Lone Wolf Maquade and The Octagon although I feel the Fight in the Colosseum With Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon Deserves a mention.


Son of Liberty
Honestly the only one from JCVD that I've seen is Universal Soldier. It was good, I enjoyed it. But for some reason or another I just havent seen any of his other flicks.

I forgot to give my opinion on Stallone!

Stallone is Rocky. Simple as that. I absolutely loved him in that, but really cant say I've liked any of his other movies :hah:. Cliffhanger was quite possibly one of the worst movies I've seen in my life. I hated it. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings on the internet about that one in particular, but this guy.... hated it.

I've yet to see the Rambo Series. I hear its good. Could possibly be the saving grace for my opinion on Stallone, from what I understand he did Rocky and Rambo around the same time period... if thats true and I happen to like Rambo, I'll give Stallone at the very least, the king of the 80's era :thumbup:


Registered Member
Wow cant believe you have not seen First Blood, which is the best in the Rambo films after that they start to get a little over the top.

You should check it out ice, it is a rather good film.


I use to watch Van Damme and Seagal a lot when i was younger and loved everything they were in. I was particularly fond of VD's triple take kicks and Seagal's ability to break an enemy's arm no matter what. Classic stuff.

Now I only really enjoy Stallone and Schwarzenegger. Stallone was really good in Rocky Balboa, that was just a great movie and he did a great job. As for Arnie, well, T2 is a classic. basically the whole Terminator series was great with him. Lets see if it can survive with out the Govenator.


Registered Member
Fans of Sylvester Stallone's RAMBO movies might like to check out Episode #53 of the movie themed podcast BETTER IN THE DARK where my partner and I talk about those movies:

In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn take a look at one of the great cinematic icons of the 80's, Sylvester Stallone, through one of his greatest characters, John Rambo. From the sheer good luck of First Blood being an action movie hit to the movement of the character into super-heroic territory and ultimate oblivion, Tom and Derrick will show how Rambo's filmic odyssey reflected what Stallone himself went through, and how he needed to go through the leaner years of the 90's to make the fiercer yet humbler Rambo. Plus Derrick talks about his brush with Richard Crenna, gratuitous Stallone impersonations, and even more gratuitous talk of G.I. Joe and the wacked-out martial arts non-classic Gymkata. You know it's coming for you, so get to clicking!

Better In The Dark


Formerly "Maikeru"
From Van damme- Bloodsport, universal soldiers and cyborg

From Sylvester- Rocky 1-4 an rambo 1-4. Oh and demolition man.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Just to let you know Ice, Van Damme and Lundgren have started shooting Universal Soldier 3.

I am a huge Stallone fan, he's probably my favorite on that list. The Rocky series is outstanding, I even liked Rocky 5 to be honest with you, but a lot of people hated it. Rambo was another great series, First Blood is definitely the best one. You defenitely have to watch all four of them, even the recent one was very enjoyable. There's rumours they might make another one soon. Stallone as other great movies as well, Demolition Man is a beauty, so is Over the Top. I cant believe you didn't like Cliffhanger, it was a good movie in my opinion. You also have to watch Cop Land, he did an amazing acting job in that movie. Assasins with Antonio Banderas is another great film. Man there's so many I could mention.