Jay-Z and Linkin Park


Ms. Malone
I guess this goes out to the LP fans but i wanna hear everyones opinion.

I never knew who Jay-Z was until he did Encore/Numb with LP and i haven't liked the man since. Is it just me or did he ruin some of LP's best songs? I listen to Encore/Numb i admit cause it's Numb and Numb kicks ass, and I've got nothing against rap (all hail Eminem). But what JZ does doesn't sound like rapping, it sounds more like talking in a rhyme or rhythm and it's damn boring. He bored the hell out of One Step Closer and i haven't had the heart to download any other JZ/LP in case i break down in tears at the poor quality.

LP's Part- Good
JZ's Part- Bad, throw him the trash. He needs recycling or something!
he's just tryin to expand from strictly rap. and i liked the collabs he did, cause the songs alone, nah. jay is good. lol he was voted top emcee of all time by mtv2...duno bout that one but hes up there


Ms. Malone
I don't care if he was voted rapper of the year, he nearly ruined a fantastic band with his...his dribble. If LP wanted to add rap to their stuff they could've let Mike do it, he's fantastic at it and did well with the executioners.
well all i know is that album sold a good amount of copies and most people i know loved it. including me. sooo000oo we must have different taste :D
well they are still there lol. it aint like he voiced over the original copies and theres none left in the world.


the collabs were good, but i would have much rather heard another reanimation type album like they did with their own music before. it always nice to take a good song and then make it better. :)


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Pugz, Linkin Park is already considered partially rap, so don't go blaming Jay-z for anything. He isn't that bad. I love Linkin Park and the collabs with Jay-Z were awesome, some of the very little amount of rap I'll listen to.


I also like the album as well. I'm not really a fan of Jay-Z, but I can appreciate some of the music that he makes. The collab with LP pretty much strengthend my respect for him. They found away to make their stuff sound good together even if it feels a bit out of left field at first. I loved it.