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~Jay & Silent Bob Bong Saber~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I picked this up a few months ago, and I wanted you all to see my newest Movie prop that I have added to the collection. I will have jay's Double bong Saber too! Just give me some time.

This is the actual Stunt (Practice) Bong saber from the movie Jay & Silent Bob strikes Back.

You can see it in the movie also, it's just to the Bottom right of the one that Kevin Smith uses the force on.

Check out the pics...Oh yeah I was doing my best Bluntman poses in the pics.

I will be putting it in a shadow box with the Autographed movie poster and comics that I have as well.


Forum Drifter
Oh man that's badass! I love Jay and Silent Bob.


That is six kinds of awesome. The closest I can come to that is I bought Clerks II signed by Kevin Smith, and that isn't anywhere near as cool as the bong-saber.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Nice Silent Bob costume, heh.

Is it fully functional?

I remember when you picked that thing up off of EBay and I've been meaning to ask you about it for some time now.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Is it fully functional?
If ya mean can you smoke out of it too.....Nope there holes drilled in the sides and bottom of it for cooling and sound.

But it does make the bong clearing sound when you turn it off and makes the bubbling sound when on and you move it (just like in the movie)

The blade does come out and you can place a small dry ice pot inside it to make fake smoke.

As for the costume....well I need to be shorter and a bit more weight (sorry Kevin)and a Pot leaf Hockey Jersey. I got the Hat..Well I made one, I'll have to post pics of the hat soon.

Thanks for looking.


Registered Member
yes its fully functional! I Have seen it and got to hold it!!!!

and even got pics of it! FIRSTHAND!!